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As part of the continued growth of the Law Office of David Gladish, P.C., a mock courtroom has been constructed on the second floor of our office located in Highland, Indiana. Mock trials are an imitation trial. Attorneys preparing for a real trial use these mock trials with members of the community acting as jurors to test their trial theories/presentations prior to the real trial. The mock courtroom allows our attorneys to sharpen their skills in front of both cameras as well as mock jurors made up of persons from the venue where each case will potentially go to trial. The mock courtroom has audio and visual capabilities that allow clients, staff and attorneys to both view and record the proceedings. This setting also allows clients to get the experience of direct and cross examinations which can be very educational for the client getting ready for trial or even for a deposition. Our attorneys practice both opening and closing arguments in the court room employing PowerPoint, videos, demonstrative exhibits and other items that are important to ensure that the jury fully understands and pays attention to the arguments of counsel. Recording these practice sessions allows attorneys to review the strengths and weaknesses of their presentation. It also allows the attorneys to correct and refine their presentation based on feedback that comes from clients, attorneys as well as the mock jurors themselves. The process of a mock jury helps the attorneys and clients obtain a full understanding of the strengths and weakness of each case. Attorneys can review the deliberations of the mock jurors prior to the real trial going forward and/or mediation to see what persons from the community feel is “just compensation” for the plaintiff(s). The mock courtroom also has a private room with a video monitor that allows for a real time video feed of the presentation being made in the mock courtroom which allows attorneys, clients and others to view the proceedings without having to interact or be seen by any of the mock jurors. As one of the very few law firms in the State of Indiana that can offer a complete mock-trial experience in-house, the Law Office of David Gladish, P.C. sets itself apart from other law firms by ensuring our attorneys have the experience, training and staff necessary to recreate the “trial experience” prior to setting foot in a real courtroom.

The mock courtroom is also a community outreach tool to both high school and college students. Beyond the value it brings to our clients, our mock courtroom allows these students the opportunity to gain practical experience by presenting arguments and trying cases in a realistic setting. Having cameras in the mock courtroom allows for the recording of the students as they present their arguments. This recording allows the students and their teachers to review the strengths and weaknesses of each presentation. All mock trials are governed by the Indiana Mock Trial Rules of Competition and the Federal Rules of Evidence (Mock Trial Version). The firm also uses this space to conduct continuing legal education seminars as well as a meeting place for community education.